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    September 2023

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  • Tobii Dynavox acquires Rehadapt to strengthen assistive communication

    Tobii Dynavox AB, the global leader in assistive communication systems for people with disabilities and special needs, headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, has acquired all shares in the Rehadapt Group. Rehadapt is a premium provider of medically certified mounting solutions for assistive technologies. Based on more than 20 years of experience and continuous innovation, Rehadapt has grown to become the global market leader in this field. Rehadapt’s products are currently sold together with Tobii Dynavox systems and many other companies in the field of assistive communication.

    “Our ultimate goal is to give a voice to all people with communication impairments,” says Fredrik Ruben, CEO of Tobii Dynavox. “Tobii Dynavox and Rehadapt have been successful partners for many years. The acquisition will further deepen this relationship”

    “We are proud of what we have achieved as a company and I am confident that with Tobii Dynavox we will find a great home for our employees, our products, our customers and the users,” says Uli Ehlert, CEO of Rehadapt.

    ConsusPartner exclusively advised the shareholder of Rehadapt on the entire sales process.

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Rainald Roth, Jörg Mayer, Rüdiger Fajen - Managing Partner

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Transaction overview

The shareholder of
Rehadapt Engineering GmbH & Co. KG, Kassel, Germany and
ElYott GmbH, Lohfelden, Germany

has sold all shares to
Tobii Dynavox AB, Stockholm, Sweden.




Wir advised the shareholder of
Rehadapt Engineering GmbH & Co. KG and
ElYott GmbH on this transaction.

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