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M&A consulting is in our genes – and has been for over 25 years

M&A consulting is more than our core competence. It is part of our DNA. We accompany and support our clients exclusively in all aspects of the acquisition and sale of companies. In doing so, we cover the entire transaction process, from preparation to contract negotiation, signing and sometimes even transition/integration.

What differentiates us from other M&A boutiques

We are very aware that every single client has individual needs, wishes and goals. And we are at your side to understand and implement them. With solutions that fit you 100% – and only you.

  • 1 You can expect a little more from us

    In order to offer our clients the best possible solution, we are always prepared to go the proverbial extra mile. On the one hand, because it is in line with our work ethic: we ourselves want to be highly satisfied with our performance and be sure that we have done the best for you. On the other hand, because it fits our mindset: like many of our clients, we have been independent entrepreneurs since our foundation in 2006.

  • 2 We remain your partner: personally on duty for you

    Every transaction we support is led by one of our partners. He is (and remains) your direct contact throughout the entire process, takes the lead in negotiations and provides operational support for all strategic aspects of the transaction.

  • 3 We are custom tailors in a world full of off-the-shelf solutions

    In your search for a suitable consulting partner, do you get the feeling that M&A is often played out according to prefabricated patterns? Unthinkable for us, as every project brings its own unique challenges and pitfalls – and, above all, always involves different people and personalities.

  • 4 Sale or Acquisition? We understand both sides

    As important as experience and know-how are: our first priority as consultants is always what you want and how we can implement it together. Because at the end of the day, M&A transactions are a “people’s business” – and that’s what we understand, whether it’s a matter of selling or acquiring a company.

Rainald Roth, Jörg Mayer, Rüdiger Fajen - Managing Partner

Our strength: a strong tactical sense for the successful closing of transactions

We have proven many times that our solutions go far beyond the standard approaches of other M&A consultants. This is not by chance, but the result of many years of experience, personal competence, demands on ourselves, and intensive work on the part of ConsusPartner.

The more we know, the better we can advise you. That is why we conduct extensive analyses of value drivers, historical finances and business plans. Here, we – and you – benefit from the know-how gained from our own investments, interim management assignments and corporate transformations. Because we are entrepreneurial and think just like you do.

Our fields of activity in the area of M&A

  • Finding the right succession or buyer for the company you successfully built
  • Carve-outs of divisions from corporate groups
  • Development and support of acquisition strategies in various industries (identification, approach, due diligence, acquisition)
  • Indicative company valuations
  • Preparation of marketing documentation
  • Joint development or revision of financial planning
  • Identification and approach of potentially interested parties
  • Implementation of competitive bidding processes
  • Supervision of due diligence and Q&A process
  • Identification of transaction alternatives
  • Process management and coordination of all other advisors
  • Support during negotiations
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True competence is always a combination of experience and vision

Since ConsusPartner was founded in 2006, our activities have focused on M&A transactions. For us, working with you is always a dialogue at eye level, characterized by mutual understanding and a high degree of empathy – this is how we find the optimal transaction solution for you, too.

Please feel free to contact us directly if you are thinking about a company succession or an acquisition – or if you simply want to explore strategic options. We look forward to supporting you in this process.

Your partners in the field of M&A and company succession