Consus Partner

The firm was founded in 2006 by Rüdiger Fajen, Jörg Mayer and Dr. Philip Zimmer, who gained their joint professional experience during the 90s at Houlihan Lokey (formerly Drueker & Co.). The partners and employees of Consus Partner make a winning team that can skillfully and effectively handle even complex transactions. We place enormous value on a spirit of close cooperation with our clients and we are pleased that this trust engendered has frequently led to subsequent mandates.



Rüdiger Fajen, Managing Partner

Rüdiger Fajen has been working in the field of Corporate Finance since 1998 in Germany and the US. He concentrates on M&A, expansion financing and company valuation. Mr. Fajen has experience handling transactions in the consumer goods, industrial services, energy, mechanical and plant engineering, IT / software and new energy segments. He was formerly employed at Houlihan Lokey (formerly Drueker & Co.) and worked as a partner at ifas (now Grant Thornton). He also served as Director Corporate Finance at POET Software in Silicon Valley.

Jörg Mayer, Managing Partner

Jörg Mayer has been working in the field of Corporate Finance, M&A and Private Equity since 1994. He has experience handling transactions in the consumer goods, industrial services, IT / Software, mechanical and plant engineering, energy and food & beverages segments. His former positions include his work for the M&A consulting firms WestLB Panmure and Houlihan Lokey (formerly Drueker & Co.) and his partnership at Triton, an international Private Equity Fund.

Rainald Roth, Partner

Rainald Roth is working in corporate finance since 1998. Besides his capital markets experience, he has extensive M&A transaction experience especially in industrial goods, retail, business services and transport / logistics. After his departure from Deutsche Bank, he worked in the Corporate Finance practice of Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein before he joined the M&A-team at Société Générale. In 2017 he joined forces with Consus Partner.

Dr. Philip Zimmer, Managing Partner

Before founding Consus Partner, Dr. Philip Zimmer spent eight years in the field of Corporate Finance at Houlihan Lokey (formerly Drueker & Co.), where he concentrated on M&A and privatization. He has experience handling transactions in the automotive supplier, retail, consumer and industrial goods, industrial services, real estate and software segments. Dr. Zimmer also worked at M.M. Warburg & CO and completed his master’s and doctoral studies at the Universities of St. Gallen and Hong Kong.



Nearly every one of our projects has an international component, as we usually approach buyers and target companies both in Germany and abroad. Half of our transactions have been concluded with companies in Europe, Asia or the US. Aside from our Phnom Penh office for South East Asia, we cooperate in China and India with E.J. McKay, who maintains offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Mumbai; in the US we work with Janney, an investment bank with offices in New York, Philadelphia and San Francisco, among other places.


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Our clients expect a high degree of professionalism, persistence, creativity and speed from us, coupled with a pleasant and confident image and the ability to adjust quickly to new situations. We are only able to meet these justifiable requirements by hiring, promoting and retaining extremely capable employees.


Consus Partner is a growing company. Consequently, we are pleased to receive your application to work with us as a professional or intern. We are looking for:


  • an Intern, starting in September 2020


If you are interested, please write Mrs Jeanette Hausen and respectively Mrs Jeanine Chivu at