Consus Partner is a specialist in complex Carve-outs

From the very beginning, complex carve-out projects have been in the focus of Consus Partner. Both the way we do business and the depth of our consulting services account for our success, though we would like to draw your attention to the following USPs:

  • The core of our business is increasingly shifting toward the creation of financial books with detailed actual and forecast figures for carve-out targets. This transparency accelerates the due diligence process, negotiations, and transaction structuring, in some cases significantly.
  • Our consulting services are not limited to M&A processes. We are often brought in to support during the preparation and/or integration stage. When a company is considering whether it makes sense to sell all or part of its business, for example, it can already help to create a financial book that includes a recommended purchase price and transaction structure.
  • We handle all of the defined tasks ourselves, with little need to occupy the capacities of the client or the management of the target. This ensures minimum disruption of daily business.


We prepared four examples of successful projects where the clients faced different challenges.

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di support, a “Champion of Growth”, sold to ACC and Kanematsu

The shareholders of di support, a provider of instant photo printing devices and one of the companies that made FOCUS magazine’s 2020 list of the strongest growing companies in the IT sector, have divested the majority of their shares to the financial investor ACC, based in Hamburg, Germany. In a simultaneous transaction, a minority share was acquired by Kanematsu, a listed company based in Tokyo, Japan. The management of di support continues to hold a significant portion of the shares and remains in charge of running the operating business.

This new shareholder structure is a significant strategic improvement for di support, as a technological leader in its niche, for two reasons. For one, the presence of ACC now gives di support the financial strength to handle its foreseen considerable growth. In addition, the partnership with Kanematsu opens new markets that would have taken di support much more time to tap into on its own, and it creates synergies in the supply chain management and logistics.

Consus Partner was the exclusive advisor to the shareholders of di support throughout the entire sales process.

Despite the extraordinary complexity of this project due to the differing strategic interests of the parties involved, a transaction structure was created that made it attractive to both the management of di support and the new shareholders from their strategic and financial perspectives. Consus Partner played a central role in the process and once again demonstrated its ability to successfully execute complex transactions and, in doing so, to identify the right new shareholders for the deal.

Sale of Gastro Concept and bratwerk, creating the largest German system catering firm in the snack sector

GCE SA (CH), a leading provider of system catering concepts in Germany, has sold its subsidiaries Gastro Concept Management and bratwerk by Mario Kotaska as well as the associated trademark rights to DPK Deutsche Privatkapital.

GMC offers franchise concepts for snack stalls in front of hypermarkets and construction markets. The company designs innovative snack products for franchisees, wholesalers, retailers and petrol stations. The products are jointly developed with award-winning chef Mario Kotaska. The companies operate 65 locations.

The transaction was carried out with the objective of further growth and a buy-and-build strategy. The first milestone has already been reached through the simultaneous acquisition of Wurstteufel. As the largest German system provider in the snack sector, the company intends to exploit the significant potential in the snack sector and in particular increase its presence at hypermarkets and DIY stores. DPK was identified as an ideal buyer with extensive experience in the consumer goods sector.

Consus Partner advised the owners of GCE SA exclusively on the structuring of the transaction, the identification of a suitable investor / target for GCE SA and the entire subsequent transaction process.

ISS Germany divests part of its cleaning business to Klüh Group

ISS A/S, a leading global provider of property & integrated facility services, has sold its subsidiary ISS
Facility Services GmbH to
Klüh Group, based in Düsseldorf, Germany. The subsidiary operates nationwide and runs EUR 46 million in revenues, mainly with cleaning services (87% of revenues). It also offers catering and security services. Around 2,000 employees and 700 customers are affected by the disposal.

ISS chose to sell the business as part of its strategy to focus on key national and international accounts and integrated facility management services. The acquisition serves the growth strategy of the Klüh Group by increasing the buyer’s nationwide coverage and strengthening its core business.

Consus Partner advised the ISS Group throughout the transaction.

ISS Deutschland acquires the construction planning agency PL2 Pluralis®

ISS is one of the largest facility services providers in Germany. Property maintenance and renovation is playing an increasingly important role for real estate portfolios. Clients are equally interested in construction planning and project management services. Services like these are also a significant part of the large-scale order with Deutsche Telekom for which ISS will take over operations starting in mid 2019.

By acquiring PL2 Pluralis® Planungsgesellschaft, ISS boosts its capacities in this field. Pluralis has six offices around Germany from which it shares its proven expertise in the fields of overall planning, building renovation, energy solutions, and fire safety.

Consus Partner supported the ISS Group in its acquisition of PL2 Pluralis® after the successful cooperation on the Telekom tender project. The Noerr law firm advised on the legal side of the transaction, continuing the long-standing collaboration with Consus Partner.

Full financing to modernize Gemeinschafts-Müllheizkraftwerk Ludwigshafen

The GML – Gemeinschafts-Müllheizkraftwerk Ludwigshafen GmbH handles the incineration of household waste for 1 million people in the cities of Ludwigshafen, Kaiserslautern, Worms, Speyer, Neustadt/Weinstraße, and Frankenthal/Pfalz, and the districts of Rhein-Pfalz, Kaiserslautern, Bad Dürkheim and Alzey-Worms.

Keeping these waste incineration and heat-conversion operations running with the same security, environmental friendliness and efficiency of costs and resources requires the complete renewal of two 30-year-old incinerators and various other modernization measures, measures that demand investment well in the upper eight-figures.

To secure financing, GML ran a competitive tender in which 10 banks participated. In the end, it signed a long-term financing agreement with KfW IPEX-Bank.

Consus Partner supported GML in the structuring and execution of the tender and in negotiation of the agreement.

Ströer Acquires optimise-it GmbH

Optimise-it is the provider of the Realperson® chat and messaging platform, one of the most flexible SaaS applications in the European market for real-time communication. The acquisition adds an extremely dynamic technology to Ströer’s dialog media segment, which allows consumers to communicate through a number of different channels, including websites, apps, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger. Realperson® is already deeply embedded within industrial giants like Eurowings, s’oliver, Verivox, 1&1 and ERGO Direkt.

Consus Partner advised the shareholders of optimise-it GmbH in the process of identifying a purchaser and throughout the entire transaction. It was critical to find the right buyer who could help the company exploit its strategic growth potential.

CEDS Duradrive, a specialist for customized electric drive solutions, sold to BPE

CEDS Duradrive specializes in the development and production of customized, premium electric drive solutions up to 700 kW. After acquiring the company in 2013, the new owners thoroughly realigned the business, so that now CEDS Duradrive is one of the leading providers in its niche market.

Due to this strong market position, CEDS Duradrive needs a sustainable growth strategy to remain a major player in its market. Consequently, the owners contemplated selling it to a buyer with the necessary know-how and capital and a fitting company culture to continue to grow the company for the long-term future.

An ideal partner for CEDS Duradrive was found in the Hamburg-based investment firm BPE, which is specialized in handling such situations.

Consus Partner advised the owners of CEDS Duradrive exclusively throughout the entire sales process.

Leadec sells product engineering and prototyping at the Chemnitz site

Industrial service company Leadec, a member of the international private equity group Triton, sold its product engineering and prototyping businesses at the Chemnitz site. Each of these businesses holds leading market positions in its niche, yet both now fall outside the company’s core business area. The sale is a part of Leadec’s strategy of focusing more tightly on its selected service lines and expanding these globally. The technical service business will be organized into four clusters in the future: Install, Maintain, Support, and Digitize & Optimize.

Leadec found two perfect buyers for the businesses. Hörmann Group picked up product engineering while the ROBUR Group purchased prototyping. The new owners, who both set acquisition of the employees and their know-how as critical prerequisites, offer the two departments improved developmental possibilities.

Consus Partner was the exclusive adviser to Leadec throughout the entire sale process.

For Consus Partner, this project represents the  for Triton, each of which was a smaller carve-out from its company portfolio. It demonstrates our strength in handling complex transactions with detailed preparation and in successfully identifying the right buyers.

Three Deals Close in Cambodia for Consus Partner

One of the founders of Consus Partner, Dr. Philip Zimmer, has been advising transactions in Cambodia and Myanmar from our offices in Phnom Penh since 2016. In that time, he’s developed a close working relationship with Daun Penh (Cambodia) Group Co., Ltd. (DPCG), one of the largest and most active companies in Cambodia with a great interest in helping the nation make progress and in cooperation with international corporations.

Three projects with DPCG were brought to fruition in the past months:

In the newly developed district of ING-City, DPCG signed a long-term lease for the first Mercedes-Benz Flagship Store with Star Auto (Cambodia) Co., Ltd., one of the main sales partners for premium German brands in Southeast Asia. The dealership was awarded with LEED certification for its environmentally friendly design, construction and energy efficiency.

DPCG subsidiary MATLAB Co., Ltd., Phnom Penh, won the tender procedure for outfitting the Myanmar’s Department of Rural Development (DRD) with road construction materials testing equipment and systems. The project was funded by the German KfW development bank.

Daun Penh Medpharm Co., Ltd. (DPM) took over the entire pharmaceuticals distribution arm of Curewel International Co., Ltd. in Cambodia as part of an asset deal, reinforcing its leading national position in the sector.

Consus Partner – Cambodia advised the Daun Penh (Cambodia) Group throughout all three of these projects.