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    September 2022

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  • Audicon joins Caseware International to shape the next chapter in accounting and auditing software

    Audicon GmbH is the leading provider of software solutions, methodical and technical know-how as well as services around audit, risk and compliance with locations in Germany and Romania. The company’s client portfolio includes all the auditing firms named in the Lünendonk® 2022 lists, the Big Four and more than 90 of the 120 German companies with the highest revenues.

    For more than two decades, Audicon has partnered with Caseware International, a leading global provider of desktop and cloud-based software solutions for audit, assurance, financial reporting and data analytics.

    With the acquisition, Audicon is now officially part of the Caseware family. The shared values of customer focus, trust and innovation make this transaction an ideal partnership. The integration will enable the companies to expand their offering of innovative desktop and cloud-based solutions in Germany and beyond, and to jointly shape the next chapter of accounting and auditing software in the future.

    ConsusPartner exclusively advised Audicon’s shareholders on the entire sales process.

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Rainald Roth, Jörg Mayer, Rüdiger Fajen - Managing Partner

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Transaction overview

The shareholders of
Audicon GmbH, Düsseldorf, Germany

have sold all shares to
Caseware International Inc., Toronto, Canada,

an Hg portfolio company.

We advised the shareholders of Audicon GmbH
on this transaction.

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