Reducing complexity is a complicated task. Reassuring to have someone implement it for you

Carve-outs require competence, know-how and tact.

You want to part with non-core parts of your group – that is always demanding. For this, you don’t only need a buyer – but consultants who can take on this challenge and solve it for you.

  • Reduce complexity in the company

  • Focus on core business

  • Finding a quick solution

  • Dissolving profit transfer agreements

  • Negotiation of transition service agreements

  • Purchase price maximization

Sounds too complicated?

Our wealth of experience from over 20 carve-outs helps us routinely understand the complexity behind such transactions and accompany you from the preparation of the business unit for sale to the closing.

handshake between business partners

Your goals are our goals

Reduce complexity in the company, focus more on the core business again. If the pressure for a speedy solution (and a high purchase price) then increases, you need not only a buyer – but advisors who can take on this challenge and solve it for you.

We understand the complexity of carve-outs and accompany you from the preparation of the company for sale to the closing.

More than competence: our passion

Highly personal advice: we mean that literally. We are advisors by conviction – and with passion. Our holistic approach is particularly evident in carve-outs.

  • 1 We do not limit ourselves to the sales process

    Instead, we take an active role at your side in the preparation or integration phase. Transition service agreements, the timely cancellation of SLAs, the unbundling of software licenses – we consider all these items together with you in the preparation phase.

  • 2 We are able to quickly understand your business

    This enables us to quickly identify the relevant challenges, guarantee a focused transaction process and find the “right” buyer for your business unit in a targeted manner.

  • 3 We work proactively - so you can focus on your core business

    In order to complete the process successfully for all parties involved, we as ConsusPartner always do a lot of the work ourselves. We take as much work off your hands as possible – because we know that otherwise your operational business will suffer too much. Of course, we keep you informed about every step throughout the transaction: personally, at eye level, and always from an entrepreneurial point of view.

We are here for you. From A to Z

Together with you, we consider all aspects that are important in the course of the transaction process. And we will find individual answers to your specific carve-out questions and requirements on the basis of an in-depth analysis.

  • How closely are the carved-out divisions intertwined with the group?
  • Does the business already represent a saleable stand-alone entity?
  • To what extent does the unit first need to be prepared for sale?
  • Do reliable figures exist for the unit to be sold?
  • Are there other challenges in the transaction structure?
  • How can a buyer be identified that is strategically sensible for all stakeholders?
  • What is the value of the business unit – and who will pay this price?
  • How can the sale be carried out without harming your operating business?
  • How do you prepare for the event that the competition or your employees learn of a planned sale?
  • What obligations remain after the sale?
Rainald Roth, Jörg Mayer, Rüdiger Fajen - Managing Partner

True competence is always a combination of experience and vision

Jörg Mayer and Rüdiger Fajen have built a wealth of experience from over 20 carve-outs to date. We therefore know the critical issues and scenarios and can provide you with targeted advice. We are therefore familiar with the critical issues and scenarios in this special process and can provide you with targeted advice.

Please feel free to contact us directly if you need assistance with a specific carve-out project or would like to explore strategic options.

Your partners for carve-outs