Our advice depends on your wishes. But it is independent from your financing providers

We think like you. Not like a bank.

ConsusPartner advises you on needs from growth financing to investment funding for medium-sized companies. Because we act free of the constraints of a financial institution, we can advise our clients independently and more personally.

Whether venture capital, mezzanine or debt capital: ConsusPartner analyzes, structures and evaluates all alternatives and recommends a course of action that benefits you – not others.

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What is important – and what we can advise you on

  • Selection of suitable financing forms and providers
  • Identification and approach of suitable investors/banks
  • Negotiation with credit institutions and other financing providers
  • Preparation of financial plans and scenarios for the selection of suitable instruments and for negotiation support
  • Negotiation support, process management and coordination of the parties involved (lawyers, business consultants, tax advisors and more)

Familiar with equity. From our own experience

We have been accompanying complex financings for clients as well as for our own investments for many years. Your project benefits from this know-how: we optimize business and financial plans, identify your needs and propose suitable forms of financing (e.g. venture capital, seed financing or capital increases by family offices and private equity).

Thanks to our large network, we not only find the right investors, but stay by your side all along the way – from pitch deck, approach and preliminary negotiations to LOI, due diligence and contract negotiations to the successful closing of the deal.

Familiar with equity. From our own experience

The jointly developed financial plan sets the pace: we look for the right form of financing and create competition between the providers, be it banks or debt funds, in order to achieve the best conditions for you. In the process, we also like to look beyond the horizon at alternative financing approaches from newer providers that represent a better fit for e-commerce companies or the subscription economy (revenue-based financing, for example).

As is so often the case, it all comes down to a balanced orchestration: the right combination of instruments, possibly an integration of subsidies – always with the aim of developing the optimal strategy for your financing.

Rainald Roth, Jörg Mayer, Rüdiger Fajen - Managing Partner

True competence is always a combination of experience and vision

Whether traditional bank financing, mezzanine or equity capital: Rüdiger Fajen and Jörg Mayer know the appropriate instruments and will find the best capital provider for your growth ambitions and investment projects.

Feel free to contact us directly if you need support with a specific financing project or would like to explore strategic options.

Your partners in the area of financing