Three Deals Close in Cambodia for Consus Partner

One of the founders of Consus Partner, Dr. Philip Zimmer, has been advising transactions in Cambodia and Myanmar from our offices in Phnom Penh since 2016. In that time, he’s developed a close working relationship with Daun Penh (Cambodia) Group Co., Ltd. (DPCG), one of the largest and most active companies in Cambodia with a great interest in helping the nation make progress and in cooperation with international corporations.

Three projects with DPCG were brought to fruition in the past months:

In the newly developed district of ING-City, DPCG signed a long-term lease for the first Mercedes-Benz Flagship Store with Star Auto (Cambodia) Co., Ltd., one of the main sales partners for premium German brands in Southeast Asia. The dealership was awarded with LEED certification for its environmentally friendly design, construction and energy efficiency.

DPCG subsidiary MATLAB Co., Ltd., Phnom Penh, won the tender procedure for outfitting the Myanmar’s Department of Rural Development (DRD) with road construction materials testing equipment and systems. The project was funded by the German KfW development bank.

Daun Penh Medpharm Co., Ltd. (DPM) took over the entire pharmaceuticals distribution arm of Curewel International Co., Ltd. in Cambodia as part of an asset deal, reinforcing its leading national position in the sector.

Consus Partner – Cambodia advised the Daun Penh (Cambodia) Group throughout all three of these projects.