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    April 2022

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  • Novoferm joins Bitfactory software agency

    Novoferm Group acquires stake in German software development specialist Bitfactory. Through a minority shareholding, the Novoferm Group secures a successful partner with expert knowledge, access to current software technologies and development processes.

    The Novoferm Group is one of the largest European system suppliers of door and gate solutions as well as loading systems for private, commercial and industrial use. Bitfactory GmbH is a software agency with headquarters in Stuttgart. It is characterized by its agile company culture and specializes in the development of complex B2B software and app solutions. The focus is on cloud-based industry solutions in the industrial sector.

    The partnership is a strategic step for the implementation of the digitalization strategy within the Novoferm Group. The software company also sees great potential in the digital transformation along the Novoferm Group’s value chain.

  • Partner

Rainald Roth, Jörg Mayer, Rüdiger Fajen - Managing Partner

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Transaction overview

The shareholders of Bitfactory GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany

have sold a minority participation to
Novoferm Germany GmbH, Isselburg, Germany.


We have advised the Bitfactory GmbH
shareholders on this transaction.

various digital applications for technical devices from Bitfactory

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