Sale of Gastro Concept and bratwerk, creating the largest German system catering firm in the snack sector

GCE SA (CH), a leading provider of system catering concepts in Germany, has sold its subsidiaries Gastro Concept Management and bratwerk by Mario Kotaska as well as the associated trademark rights to DPK Deutsche Privatkapital.

GMC offers franchise concepts for snack stalls in front of hypermarkets and construction markets. The company designs innovative snack products for franchisees, wholesalers, retailers and petrol stations. The products are jointly developed with award-winning chef Mario Kotaska. The companies operate 65 locations.

The transaction was carried out with the objective of further growth and a buy-and-build strategy. The first milestone has already been reached through the simultaneous acquisition of Wurstteufel. As the largest German system provider in the snack sector, the company intends to exploit the significant potential in the snack sector and in particular increase its presence at hypermarkets and DIY stores. DPK was identified as an ideal buyer with extensive experience in the consumer goods sector.

Consus Partner advised the owners of GCE SA exclusively on the structuring of the transaction, the identification of a suitable investor / target for GCE SA and the entire subsequent transaction process.