IT, Technology & Digital Economy


Featuring strong growth and low barriers to entry, this industry continues to be highly fragmented and to dominate the transformation of the entire economy. Corporate transactions are therefore frequently designed to enable access to new customers and markets and to exploit synergies.
Consus Partner has supported a multitude of transactions, particularly on the sell side:
•    Sale of 100% of shareholdings
•    Support in divesting a corporate unit through an MBO
•    Support in raising capital and conducting financing rounds



Our profound interest in new technologies and processes and the experience we have gained, for example, implementing business intelligence and CRM systems in large companies enables us to bring ourselves quickly up to speed in technology-oriented companies and their markets and to identify suitable buyers, investors and target companies. In such projects, we often serve as the interface and “translator” between technology driven company management on the one side and investors and banks focused on financing streams on the other.

Sample Transactions: