Consus Partner is a specialist in complex Carve-outs

From the very beginning, complex carve-out projects have been in the focus of Consus Partner. Both the way we do business and the depth of our consulting services account for our success, though we would like to draw your attention to the following USPs:

  • The core of our business is increasingly shifting toward the creation of financial books with detailed actual and forecast figures for carve-out targets. This transparency accelerates the due diligence process, negotiations, and transaction structuring, in some cases significantly.
  • Our consulting services are not limited to M&A processes. We are often brought in to support during the preparation and/or integration stage. When a company is considering whether it makes sense to sell all or part of its business, for example, it can already help to create a financial book that includes a recommended purchase price and transaction structure.
  • We handle all of the defined tasks ourselves, with little need to occupy the capacities of the client or the management of the target. This ensures minimum disruption of daily business.


We prepared four examples of successful projects where the clients faced different challenges.

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